tyres producing progress

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Step one: mixing process
The mixing process is carbon black, natural / synthetic rubber, oil, additives, and to promote the agent of raw materials are mixed together in the mixer for processing, production of "gum". All raw materials must be tested before entering the mixer, and was released only after use. The mixer pot material weight of about 250 kg. Each plastic parts used in the tire rubber material are specific performance. The composition of the plastic material depends on the tire performance requirements. The same time, changes in the composition of the plastic material also depends on supporting manufacturers as well as the needs of the market, these requirements mainly from the traction and driving performance, road conditions and tire requirements. All of the plastic material before the next process - plastic parts preparation process, should be tested, to be released until after the next process.
step two : plastic parts preparation process
The rubber member preparation step comprises six main section. In this process, ready to tire semi-finished plastic parts, some of the plastic parts are assembled after a preliminary. Six in this section were as follows :
1 extrusion
Plastic material fed into the extrusion head and extruded semi-finished plastic components: tread, sidewall / bead and the bead apex.
 2: rolling
Raw materials cord through the calender and on both sides of the cord hanging in a thin layer of plastic material, the final product is called "cord". The raw materials mainly nylon and polyester cords.
3 : bead molding
The bead is made ​​up of many wires hanging plastic entwined. For the bead of this plastic material is a special performance, when the vulcanization is finished, the plastic material and the wire can be tightly bonded together.
 4: cord cutting
In this process, the cord will be the width of the cutting into applicable and take a good joint. The ply width and angle changes mainly depends on the specifications of the tire and a tire structure design requirements.
 5: paste bead apex
Triangular apex in this step, the extruder will be hand-bonded to the bead. Plays an important role in the bead apex in the operating performance of the tire.
6: belt layer forming
This step is the production of the belt layer. Spindle, many wires through the threading board, hanging plastic and plastic material through the die plate of the wire on both sides. Hanging plastic belt layer is cutting into a predetermined angle and width. The width and angle sizes vary depending on the tire size and structural design requirements.
All plastic parts will be transported to the tire building process, prepare tire building use.
 Step three: the tire building process
Tire building process is all semi-finished products are assembled into a green tire molding machine, the green tire is not after curing. Green tire checked, transported to the curing process.
Step Four: vulcanization process
The green tire is mounted to the vulcanizing machine, thus vulcanized into a finished tire in the mold after the appropriate time as well as suitable conditions. Vulcanized tire that has the appearance of the finished tire - pattern / fonts and tread pattern. Now, the tire will be sent to the final inspection area.
Process: the final inspection process
In this region, the tires first to go through the visual appearance of the check, then Uniformity Uniformity is completed by the uniformity of the testing machine. Uniformity testing machine to measure the radial force, lateral force, cone force, as well as fluctuations. Uniformity do after completing the balancing test, balancing test is done on the "balancing test machine. A final tire to go through the X-ray detection, and then transported to the finished products to prepare for delivery
Process: tire testing
In the design of the new tire specifications, a lot of tire testing is necessary, so as to ensure that the tire performance to achieve the requirements of the government and supporting plants.
When after tires were formally put into production, we will continue to do tire testing to monitor the quality of the tires, test and release new tire test is the same. The machine is used to test the tire mileage experiment ", the experiment usually do the high-speed test and endurance test.