About Us

Global Excel Tires Co., ltd was founded in 2009. our factory mainly produce industrial forklift tires , earthmove tyres , ATV tires, scooter tires, golf cart tires, lawn tires, motorcycle tires, and tubes & flaps,  also distribute radial & bias truck tires and  car tires from other factories,  we have been one of well-known chinese tire producer and  suppliers with strongest quality support and dedicated team service. 


〉Quality and Certificates

We have the best R&D team and dependable quality control system with major certificates such as CCC, DOT, ECE,REACH, GCC, INMETRO, LATU, SNI, SONCAP, etc at  Our  brands RUNMASTER and FRIENDWAY, enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

〉Products Line

Our products cover a full range tires maybe special tires only avaliable from us in china, also wheels , battery, valves, tires repair machine or tools available here.

〉OEM Service

We can do OEM service base on order quantity,  do your own brands with our full products line, good prices and shorter lead time 

〉Assembled Load

Different items, not only tires also with auto parts, tires repair machine or tools etc can be mixed in our warehouse which near to Qingdao port,  we would be your purchase office in China, if you want  different products together with tires from china, please don't hesitate, contact us now.

〉Double Packing  

Car tires three even four pcs one set, then we can do load the container about Twice than the usual quantity loaded, saving shipping charge much more especially when the shipping freight in high position, also put car tires into truck or off-the-road tires.

〉Sincerest  Service

We have ever-improving products and more flexible market philosophy. To Satisfy the needs of customers is always our constant service orientation.

Dear distinguished customers, you will have significant achievements in cooperation with Global Excel Tires Co.,ltd