2014 world tires industry sales score

2015-04-07 06:53:27 admin 34
As of recently, the majority of international auto parts enterprises Group released 2014 financial data. After Statistics found that most companies still maintain single-digit revenue growth, but growth has weakened compared to last year. Among them, the tire companies across the board collapse, sales have declined.
As the global tire market prices of raw materials fell last year, all tires are decreased revenues, some companies maintain profit growth.
2014, Michelin net sales realized 19.553 billion euros (US $ 20.603 billion), compared to a 5.2% decline last year; operating profit of 2.17 billion euros (US $ 2.287 billion), down 5.1%.
Despite the decline in performance, Michelin CEO Sheng Nader (Jean-Dominique Senard) Michelin still affirmed last year's performance, the new Michelin products and upgrades of existing branded products will continue to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and in 2012 plans During 2016 to 1.2 billion euros to achieve cost savings, after the target of 10 billion euros.
Michelin is expected during 2015, North American and Chinese markets cars and light truck, truck and bus tire demand will continue to grow, the growth rate in Europe is unlikely, the new market will maintain last year's trend, a rebound in Southeast Asia will be realized. Last September, Michelin opened its first 1000 in China Chi plus (Tyre-plus) car maintenance service centers to broaden sales channels, to provide consumers with high-quality maintenance services.
Goodyear 2014 total sales $ 18.1 billion, down 7.18%, affected by exchange rate movements which lead to reduction of $ 571 million in sales, annual sales totaled 162 million tires, replacement tire market, sales increased 1%. Supporting the tire market, sales fell 3%. However, thanks to lower raw material costs, Goodyear last year net profit before interest and taxes $ 1.7 billion, an increase of 8%.
Last year, South Korean Hankook Tire 6.68 trillion won ($ 6.342 billion) in revenue, down 5.5%; operating profit of 1.03 trillion won ($ 979 million), compared with the previous year. Last year, sales of ultra-high performance tire Hankook rose 6.8 percent, contributing about 30 percent of total sales for the company; runflat tires and the car business also improved by 10.8% year on year.
Cooper Tire America revenue decreased slightly by 0.4 percent last year to $ 3.425 billion, net income of $ 214 million, compared with $ 111 million in 2013 soared 92.8%. Net profit surged One reason is that the Chinese joint venture company to sell Cooper Chengshan 65% stake after obtaining a $ 56 million after-tax income.
2014, Continental AG achieved its 34.5 billion euros ($ 36.3 billion) revenue target, an increase of 3.6%, EBIT margin reached 11.3%, improved capital structure, debt ratio fell to 25.6%, net financial debt reduction of 1.5 billion euros, is currently about 2.8 billion euros, Body Electronics Division's revenue growth fastest tire division operations performed better than the other tire companies.
Continental's operations in Asia and North America will continue to maintain the current growth momentum in 2015, while growth in Europe, Russia and South America there is a clear slowdown. It is reported that in 2015, Continental plans to achieve sales growth of 9 percent to 37.5 billion euros ($ 39.5 billion).
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