2015 snow tire replacement peak season

2015-11-08 07:55:20 admin 22
Recently, some owners have begun to replace the snow tires. Compared with ordinary tires, snow tires can effectively increase the friction with the ice and snow, it has the advantage of improving snow and ice roads and through security.
Snow tire tread material is more soft, well-formulated silica rubber mixture with the smooth ice surface contact more closely, resulting in more than four seasons tire friction, so that the vehicle handling and smooth ice surface security is greatly improved.
When the temperature is below 10 ℃, the snow surface becomes softer tire to obtain a better grip, ordinary tire on the contrary, the more cold the more hard.
Normally, snow tires the car on a snowy road with a 30% -40% plays a supporting role, but it does not mean that snow tires completely slip. Even snow tires installed, in the snow and ice road driving, the owner is not able to open too fast, to avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration, keep a safe distance between vehicles, avoid anxious to fight the steering wheel, and suddenly change lanes and so on.
In addition, snow tires also have the problem of aging, to the timely replacement of aging tires.