Tire business last year loss of up to 20%

2016-03-10 07:38:59 admin 35
By 2015, Chinese tire industry overall decline of major economic indicators, corporate loss of up to 20%.
Data show that, in 2015, included in the Association's 40 tire companies, 31 domestic enterprises have six losses, the amount of losses of 447 million yuan, nine foreign companies have two losses, the loss amounted to 135 million yuan, 20% of the overall loss-making.Although last year rubber and other basic raw material prices remain low, but the tire prices falling completely offset the decline in raw material prices bring the good.
Domestic tire has been showing a high inventory, high-risk, high degree of homogeneity, low prices, low profits, low start "three third year low" phenomenon. 2015, tire production fell 14.62 percent, export delivery value fell 16.52 percent, 15.37 percent decline in sales, profit decline is as high as 22.22%. By 2015, the average monthly TBR tire companies operating rate of about 65%, down 6%; PCR tire companies average monthly operating rate of about 70%, down 10%. 
In addition, due to the elimination of backward production capacity, environmental relocation and funding strand breaks and other reasons, there are six domestic tire companies (factories) closed or closed down, there are nine tire companies due to funding projects, the EIA and land issues and stopped.