Car tire leading Israel market

2016-03-18 07:10:41 44

TechSci Research Report "2020 Tire Market Forecast and Opportunities Israel" shows that in 2020, the country's tire market is expected to more than 589 million US dollars.

Israel is a densely populated neighborhood on the east coast of the Mediterranean countries, in 2015 a population of 8.462 million, motor vehicles (cars and commercial vehicles) population reached 360 thousand / thousand.

The main factors driving market growth include Israel car tire sales increase, expansion of the team, favorable government policies, such as low interest rates and sustained economic growth.

Israel's total number of vehicles in the car, followed by a commercial vehicle. Thus, the passenger car tire market to occupy a major share of the tire market in the country, the next few years, the passenger car tire market will continue its dominance.