Spring coming how to deal with winter tires ?

2016-03-30 19:16:05 84

We all know that winter tires in winter can provide additional security for the vehicle.

Winter tires rely on the special pattern design, specially treated for low-temperature environment of a rubber material, can help the vehicle in the snow, ice road driving process more robust.

In other season winter tires can continue to used? Should exchange for summer tires  immediately  ? Once Winter tires replaced, how to save? 

1, after the winter season , if winter tires should be replaced? What shortcomings if not change ?

Compared to summer tires, winter tires grip and braking performance stronger. Thus, after the winter, winter tires should be replaced, otherwise big noise, increased fuel consu,mption, dry braking distance is longer than normal tires, and would result in the pattern quickly polished .

2, how to store  replaced winter tires?

 As  rubber products, should be dark, away from the heat source and the power supply, such as garages and other more shady place, or by the tire shop .

how to determine the next winter  they can continue to be used ? 

Before installing , check the tires produce date ,  try to use a tire within the warranty period (the manufacturers warranty period ranging from 3 years or 5 years).