Agency said the gradual recovery of the domestic tire industry

2018-11-28 08:50:06 36

Benefit from the recovery in demand and prices of raw materials, tires will now prices tide. US "double reverse" influence gradually weakened, domestic tire sales order was restored, the gradual recovery of the industry.

US "double reverse" on the domestic impact of waning domestic tire exports to the US have fallen to historic lows, and there are signs of stabilization.

While the domestic tire companies by the "double reverse" the impact of a large number of export to domestic sales, resulting in the last two years the tire market disorder.

Currently, after the bankruptcy, reorganization and merger market channels to sort out the domestic tire companies marketing order was restored, the gradual recovery of the industry.

Raw materials bottoming out, the current tire market prices surge. Continued to fall in recent years, after the tire and raw materials, since mid-February, the main raw material of natural rubber tires from 9,000 yuan / ton, up to a maximum of 11,000 yuan / ton, or nearly 20%.

Other raw materials styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, nylon and carbon black, etc., but also because of restocking after the holiday market, showing varying degrees of bounce.

At the same time benefit from the domestic economy gradually stabilized, tire operating rate steadily maintained at above 70%. Part of the tire business has gradually affected the raw material price increases, downstream distributors stocking active, tires or current prices surge.