European tire sales increase in the first quarter

2016-04-23 07:06:49 79

According to foreign media reports, recently, the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA) announced its membership in the first quarter of this year tire sales data.

Data show that the EU market beginning this year performed well. This indicates that in 2016 the rest of the time, industry sales trends remain stable to a certain extent.

Specifically, in the first quarter, the European passenger car tire sales increased by 3%, from 51.96 million the same period last year to $ 53.28 million.

Truck tire sales increased to 2.27 million, an increase of 5% compared with 2.15 million in 2015 first quarter.

Farm tire sales and last year fell 7% from 436,000 down to 406,000. Motorcycle / moped tire by the 3.3 million to $ 3.44 million, an increase of 4%.

Since this past winter was warm, leading to sales of winter tires declined. Farm tire sales showed negative growth in imports slowed confirmed shrinking agricultural tire market.

Although the EU agricultural tires total imports decreased by 19%, but India is a notable exception, its exports to the EU agricultural tires grew by 1%.

ETRMA Cinaralp the Secretary-General said that from 2015 data, the pressure of the tires on the EU market is still great.

By 2015, the European truck and bus tires total imports increased by 10%, of which China is still the major exporting countries of the EU, export volume grew by 12%.

European passenger car tire imports increased by 6%, tires from China also increased by 9%.

She said that although China's total tire exports decreased by 4%, but for the European tire exports has continued to grow. This confirms that, after protective measures have been taken in other parts of the world, the third world countries to compete in the European tire market is extremely competitive.