Why large truck tires frequently wounding

2016-05-24 05:59:21 33

What kind of tires at high risk?

1 retreaded tires

With retreaded tires on the vehicle equal to put a bomb 4, since the inner bead wire and twine aging, inadequate tire rubber elasticity, whether to cheer or when traveling at high risk of explosion!

2 expired tires

Tires have shelf life, if the factory more than four years, whether or not used, this tire has been scrapped. So when you buy new tires, to see the factory, it is recommended to buy a new tire factory less than a year now. If the spare tire has not been used over a period it took the initiative to replace.

3 tire bulge

If the sidewall bulge, do not use, because the sidewall sail line has been broken, at any time the risk of explosion.

4 Remember to look at tire pressure pump

Each vehicle has a front and rear tire pressure required safety, do not the hyperinflation.