Cambodia's natural rubber prices down may 2016

2016-05-26 05:45:13 140

By the economic slowdown and the impact of flat demand, natural rubber prices fell again in Cambodia.

Secretary-General of the Cambodian Rubber Development Association Men Sopheak said rubber prices rose last month, this month ushered in a new round of downward trend.

Since April is stop cutting period, the tightening of supply-side factors such as demand picks up and pushed rubber prices rose to $ 1,500 / ton.

But entering May, the global economic slowdown and reduce the impact of Chinese imports, rubber prices fell to $ 1200 / ton.

In May, after the rains coming, rubber farmers cut open, the supply of heavy volume.

Sopheak said, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the three countries 70% of natural rubber for the international market, the three main producing countries to restrict exports to reach agreement this year.

If the three countries can effectively carry out the agreement, to reduce the increase in supply needs, rubber prices are expected to rebound again.

China is the largest consumer of natural rubber, natural rubber and Cambodia will only be sold in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand businessman.

In 2014, Indonesia called on manufacturers not less than $ 1,500 / ton price to sell natural rubber, because the prices are close to cost.

Earlier this year, natural rubber prices fell to 1030 yuan / ton, while the 2014 price of $ 1700-1800 / ton.

Cambodian Minister of Agriculture Eang Sophalleth said that after a sharp decline in rubber prices, the Government consider a moratorium on the collection of $ 50 / ton tariff. Because the domestic raw manufacturers say they face losses.

Allegedly, it was drafting a report, expected to be completed within a week to the Cabinet. Now we are working on the details and feasibility of the report, submitted after the completion of the implementation of the Cabinet Cambodia.