chinese tires label will start up

2016-06-18 05:53:34 205

China Rubber Industry Association publicly issued a "tire grading standards," "tire labeling regulations," and the Chinese Rubber Industry Association Tire label style. Since June 15, the Rubber Association tire label online reporting and data management platform, open to business and started trial operation. September 15, self-declaration posted on tire labeling began the formal implementation.

More and more countries introduced tire labeling regulations. Rubber tire industry organization focused on domestic and foreign enterprises and technical experts, we have been committed to the implementation of Chinese tire labeling system.

Tire Safety Week through promotional activities, more and more consumers recognized and accepted by the tire label, so as to promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of Chinese tire industry.

Tire industry, we must establish a sound scientific and effective mechanism to promote industry certification, and actively foster the development of modern service industry certification and accreditation.

Such activity shows green tire circumference will continue, the Chinese market need for such activities, Europe and other developed countries have fully implemented the green tire labeling system. Chinese market is also accelerating the green tire production and distribution in the near future will be fully implemented.