Agricultural tires sales hot, is that true?

2016-07-27 11:13:53 admin 100


As countries emphasis on agricultural development, agricultural tires also have a steady demand. Therefore, agricultural tires future there will be good prospects for development. Faced with the US Commerce Department, imports from China passenger car and light truck tires to launch anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations (dual investigation), or to impose punitive tariffs. More and more enterprises have gradually shift the export focus of the tire, or simply abandon the US market. The agricultural vehicle tires has not been "dual" restrictions, many of the original tire companies export focus from passenger car tires to agricultural tires.

Not difficult to see that many well-known international tire companies are force agricultural tires, agricultural tires areas, some of which are expanding rapidly, some are solid market position. After the tire increasingly competitive market today, enterprises in order to obtain greater profits had to be extended to all areas of the product, I am afraid that following the brutal grappling passenger tires, agricultural tires will be areas for future weapons everywhere, blood into a river!

The world's major tire companies look to re-vote on the agricultural tires, agricultural tires have been revealed which marks an important position in the market. Future sales will be hot!