Tire shop business, do old customers or new customers

2016-11-08 06:52:04 admin 25

Each tire shop owner probably liked to let all the people who have a car every year for a return to the tires, so the store's sales in order to Cengceng rise, but generally not unexpected private car owners for tires are generally three to five years or even longer , And in order to save things directly to the 4S shop, and some owners looking for a more professional and more affordable tires will choose tire shop.

Careful observation of your tire store customers, new or old customers are mostly new customers tend to be attracted because the old customers because you store the quality and price of tires are trustworthy. And want a long tire of the development of the store, it is necessary to continue to develop new customers but also to retain the old customers. So the old shopkeepers is so keep up.

Tire stores to survive and develop, it must have to create profits, and tire shop profits from the customer's consumption. The main source of profit customers in two parts: one is the new customers, a lot of advertising and promotional activities to attract potential customers to the initial purchase of tires; the other is the original store of consumers, have purchased the tire shop Products, after use are satisfied, no complaints and dissatisfaction, the tire shop to be willing to re-purchase the tire to maintain the consumers.

Compared to old customers will make the cost of publicity significantly reduced. The development of a new customer investment is to consolidate an old customer 2 times or more. In many cases, even to win a new customer, but also in a period of time to really make money. Therefore, to ensure that old customers to buy tires again, is to reduce cost of sales and save time the best way.

Keep old customers, but also greatly conducive to the development of new customers. In the dazzling array of goods, a wide variety of circumstances, the role of old customers can not be underestimated. Because we are more trusted around trusted people, because for a consumer who has intention to buy, before the purchase of tires need to be a lot of information collected. Which listened to relatives and friends, colleagues or other personal experience after the recommendation is often made than the tire shop to introduce more to the buyer to believe. Customer's reputation effect is: a satisfied customer will lead to eight potential tire business, of which at least one pen is a transaction; an unhappy customer will affect the purchase intention of 25 people is simply a vicious circle.

Tire shop to do a long time, the bosses probably want to buy a tire around the first thought is that you store, word of mouth effect can be obvious, the radius of Barry or the path of the people here will hear your tire shop, this is Your biggest dream, so do a single, new customers into old customers, old customers to develop new customers, so that your tire shop more flourishing.