Cambodia for rubber farmers do not give up rubber planting

2016-11-11 08:28:40 admin 24

At present, the international rubber prices have rebounded, the price per ton rose to 1,200 US dollars -1500 US dollars / ton, compared with the beginning of 2015 increased by 25% -30%.

In view of the recent improvement in the international rubber market, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia and other countries, cut production, the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries hope that the country's rubber investors and growers firm belief, do not give up rubber planting.

Bussop said the rubber market has improved, driven by the growth of Cambodia's rubber exports, mainly because the international rubber producing countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have cut production, and switch to other cash crops.

He said all the rubber used for the export of Cambodia, the domestic rubber processing plants. Investment in rubber processing plants, can provide employment opportunities for the people of Cambodia, while reducing dependence on exports and reduce the impact of international rubber prices.

In 2015-2025, Cambodia's industrial development policy, driven by the country's natural rubber exports in 2015 more than 120,000 tons in 2016 plans to export 150,000 tons of natural rubber.