The stones hurt the tires

2016-11-21 07:18:40 admin 75

Tire is the only vehicle contact with the ground of the components, is essential to driving, in addition to drums, air leaks, etc. to pay attention to, the tread pattern into the foreign body should also be taken seriously.

1. Noise: Whether it is the impact of stones and the ground sound, or the impact of the original tire mute design, will lead the owners to hear the nasty noise.

2. Reduce the drainage capacity: stone stuck position is the drainage tank, will affect the drainage effect of rain tires, increasing the possibility of skidding, threatening traffic safety.

3. damage to the carcass: stone hardness, shape a variety, it is inevitable there are some sharp-shaped stones will break the tire rubber layer, which may lead to a puncture; even if not so serious, it may scratch the tire pattern, resulting in Tire performance degradation, premature damage.

So in addition to the stone is a meaningful thing, the most common method is to use a key, screwdriver and other work one by one to pull out.