Tire prices increased may spread from China to the world

2016-12-10 17:23:44 admin 164

Bridgestone on the passenger car tires price adjustment rate of 1%. The industry is expected, its passenger car and two-wheeled tire price adjustment, about 3%.

Bridgestone said it is now the best time to raise prices, which can make their products to maintain a good competitive edge.

This means that the tire prices from China, has begun to spread to other countries and regions.

Although the current Michelin, Goodyear, Continental brand, Pirelli, etc., has not yet announced price increases in other countries of information, but in China, most of these tire giants have more or less price adjustment of the product.

So far, Bridgestone has not announced price increases in China. I do not know its price increases in Europe, whether it will soon affect China and other regions.

In addition, the tire has not yet announced price increases enterprises, including South Korea's Hankook, Kumho, Nexans, as well as Taiwan's new, built large.

Rubber may be out of stock at this stage

This wave of tide price increases, the first from the domestic small and medium enterprises started tires. The main reason, it is raw material short-term surge due.

The main raw material rubber tire as an example. Data show that from mid-June to the end of October, Hujiao rose by more than 40%.

As several major rubber producing countries together to limit exports, the rapid digestion of the market stock, from the high significantly down, the spot price rise accordingly.

In the natural rubber prices soared at the same time, carbon black, cord, additives and other prices soared, increasing the cost of tire pressure.