Tire prices are expected to continue to rise in April next year or to reach its highest point

2016-12-17 07:59:16 admin 69

In November 2016, China's auto production and sales continue to maintain growth. Heavy truck sales totaled 653,800 units, up 31% year-on-year. The heavy truck sales in November were 88,000 units, up 46% year-on-year and 46% year-on-year to 46,700 units. Heavy truck sales data continue to improve, the price of rubber can still be bullish, the price of passenger car tires is expected to continue to rise.

Automobile production and sales will continue to drive tire consumption to pick up Auto market continued to pick up two main reasons: one is the Chinese government continued to stimulate infrastructure, the domestic demand for bulk cargo transport continued to rise; the other hand, the implementation of policy-driven super-heavy truck replacement demand surge.

Affected by the recovery of the automobile market, tire factory operating rate is better than the historical period. As of December 9, all steel tire and semi-tire tire plant operating rates were 72.65%, 73.39%, 10.48% higher than the same period last year, 7.45%. Upstream car sales data beautiful, led the tire business to pick up, tire companies to pick up, and promote the increase in natural rubber consumption, increasing supply and demand shortage of natural rubber.


Demand continues to improve is expected to push Jiaojia continue to rise

1, the future will not significantly increase the supply of natural rubber: the short term, due to extreme summer weather in Southeast Asia, the main producing countries, rubber production growth in 2016 slowed down; medium and long term, increase the enthusiasm of the plastic tapping limited and new Cut area accounted for relatively small on the basis of natural rubber in 2017 will not be a substantial increase in the total;

2, the future of automobile production and sales and tires and other downstream demand is expected to continue to lead to tight natural rubber supply and demand. International, the United States to suspend the collection of countervailing duties on Chinese passenger car tires, tires tire exports to the domestic tire business will be partially restored. If there is a similar nature of trade friction, even if the pattern of tire trade change, but the global demand for tire consumption does not appear cliff-type decline in the context of high car ownership, the future of Europe and the United States and the global tire Demand will continue upward trend for a long time. B, after the Spring Festival for the tire factory of the season, the end of the first quarter of next year there is a large replenishment needs; we determine the future with the financial expenditure infrastructure and the intensity of the policy, the rubber consumption will continue to increase Natural rubber supply and demand shortage.

At present, most tire companies have issued notice of price increases, many of them Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and other big international line. Rubber prices continue to rise, but also makes the tire manufacturing costs continue to increase, the impact is particularly evident for passenger car tires. However, the long term will also affect the car tires, Bridgestone has made it clear that on January 1, the European market, car tire prices.

Overall, China's tire business this year, overall operating better than last year, operating rate remained at 85% better than the historical period, almost no off-season throughout the year. Tire product inventory cycle in 25 days from top to bottom. Domestic tire consumption to maintain good. "Double reverse" affect the basic adaptation, the impact of passenger cars are gradually weakened. Expected in May next year, Southeast Asia, before the cut rubber, rubber prices or a wave of upward market, is expected in April next year, tire prices will reach the highest point.