Global consumption of natural rubber or 12.49 million tons

2016-12-27 07:57:34 admin 63

Global natural rubber consumption in 2015 to 931 million tons, down 23.18%.

It is predicted that in 2016 the global consumption of 12.49 million tons, an increase of 2.63%.

The demand for natural rubber indirectly reflects the consumption level of the economy and the level of industrial development.

At present, natural rubber consumption is mainly concentrated in the emerging industrial zones in Southeast Asia, China has gradually become the world's largest natural rubber consumer.

From the historical point of view, economic growth is the impact of natural rubber consumption of the core factors; synthetic rubber replacement and the rubber industry is increasingly mature, will also affect the consumption of natural rubber.

From the natural rubber downstream industry chain point of view, natural rubber, consumer goods accounted for less than 20% of daily consumption; its largest consumption from industrial demand - 69% for tire manufacturing; tire manufacturing demand driven mainly by the automobile industry.

In the future, demand structure will not change significantly, the focus is still emerging markets in Asia, and China's largest share of natural rubber demand.

Demand is mainly driven by the automobile manufacturing industry and tire consumption, rubber tube, medical consumption and specialty rubber and other areas of natural rubber consumption accounted for a smaller, and tends to be stable.