Domestic tire prices rose an average of three months 25%

2017-01-13 07:43:52 admin 64

The domestic tire enterprises before the round of price increases has just started a new wave of price increases and surging tide.

On the price, although some individuals said, "I feel a little fear," but most companies that can calmly face.

To abandon the factors of raw material prices, the prices of domestic tire business is a clear positive.

Over the past year, the impact of the entire economic downturn, the domestic tire market is relatively low. The price adjustment, the tire business sales will increase significantly, the performance may be improved.

Tire dealers once again demonstrated "buy up do not buy or" consistent trend, the phenomenon of the brand replenishment is more prominent.

From the circulation process of tire products, this round of price increases finally transmitted to the consumer terminal, takes about 2-3 months.

According to the analysis, the recent wave of tire prices, from the upper reaches of the cost increase and the downstream demand for high-growth common drive.