Tire market demand began to recover?

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Long-term downturn in the price of natural rubber ushered in the "turn over", the fourth quarter of 2016 so far, the domestic natural rubber prices have been maintained upward trend.

According to Zhuo record information, February 13, the price of natural rubber spot 20,600 yuan / ton (Shanghai State-owned latex), compared with 2016 over the same period rose 112.4%, compared with mid-2016 in mid-January the lowest price increase is 120.3%.

This round of price increases in the natural rubber industry, can be described as "long drought every Ganlin."

Natural rubber and synthetic rubber prices, making its downstream tire industry "can not carry the pressure" Qi shouted up.

Since last November, domestic tire manufacturers have issued price adjustment notice.

Rubber prices continue to rise

Recently, the domestic natural rubber listed companies announced the performance of Hainan rubber pre-profit announcement that the company is expected to 2016 operating results to achieve a turnaround, the performance of significant improvements, including 2016 natural rubber prices rose nearly 100%.

Hainan rubber said, driven by the domestic economic rebound, the downstream tire factory operating rates are maintained at a high level, rubber demand, rubber prices rose sharply.

This year, natural rubber prices remain up the rally. In addition, the price of alternative synthetic rubber prices also rose the price of natural rubber.

According to Zhuo record information monitoring, February 13, the domestic refined rubber ex-factory price of 23900 yuan / ton, the market price of 24200-24500 yuan / ton, the market continued to rise.

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange rubber futures, which was seen by Asian investors as the Asian rubber price index, soared 26% in January, the biggest monthly gain since 1990.

Shanghai Futures Exchange data show that on February 13, Hujiao main (RUM) to close at 22,005 yuan / ton, up to 5.51% a single day.

"From 2016 the main contract precipitation funds only 3 billion, to the current main contract precipitation funds 5.9 billion, a huge increase in the pool of funds, reflecting the enthusiasm of rubber speculation enthusiasm." Zhuo record information natural rubber industry analyst Wu Weiru said.

Wu Weiru said that the natural rubber market in 2017 preliminary judgment for the former high to low trend, the overall price center of gravity continues to rise, the overall show a slow cow market.

Tire business with up

In addition to natural rubber and synthetic rubber prices, carbon black, steel cord and additives and other tires main raw material prices also rose sharply, which makes the domestic tire manufacturers surge in pressure.

Longzhong Petrochemical tire industry analyst Wang Kai Fu said that in November 2016 to February this year, the domestic tire price increase in the total rate of 10% -25%, but the tire prices or keep pace with the increase in raw materials, mainly because manufacturers worried about sales affected.

Told the media, tire prices are mainly due to rising raw materials, natural rubber, synthetic rubber costs accounted for nearly 50% of tire costs. Wang Kai Fu said that the domestic tire business is basically a comprehensive price increases, but mainly by the high market share, sales channels and sales of a good overall situation in the large tire companies.

Domestic tires listed companies insiders said that the tire price increases are nominal and the actual distinction. Nominal price increases may reach 45%, but in order to keep the market share, manufacturers will have some promotional policies.

At the same time, the insiders said that now has clearly felt that buying or buying market demand began to show, but in the long run, the demand is still the product from the sales to enhance the extensive growth model, to upgrade to quality-oriented model stimulate.

"Tire market demand is currently relatively stable, and even began to recover the situation." He thought.