China's truck tire market has three positive factors

2017-04-03 18:18:08 admin 44

Truck tire market is growing rapidly, mainly from three aspects of the positive.

First, the state to strictly control the illegal conversion and overrun overload, stimulating the heavy truck market sales growth, while pulling the tire market development.

On August 18 last year, the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, General Administration of Industry and Commerce and AQSIQ jointly issued the Opinions on Further Improving the Illegal Modification and Overloading and Control of Freight Cars.

Under the influence of the policy, in 2017, China appeared a small peak of heavy truck inventory update, heavy truck tire sales also accelerated recovery. China's heavy truck since the beginning of the operating rate of foot.

"The good news, at least until the middle of this year." Zhang Hongmin analysis, the positive news is mainly driven by the tire before the market.

Second, the tire raw material prices continue to rise, dealers do not buy up or buy, hoarding cargo foot, to stimulate the tire market after the sales.

Since the end of last year, by raw materials rose sharply, tire prices have also risen. Tire prices are good for the tire business, because this is a global price rise, not a business for the industry is also beneficial.

This year, tire prices are the mainstream trend, heard the wind out, dealers to avoid price hikes began to hoard goods.

Third, the United States on the Huaka bus tires "double reverse" case, China wins.

This good news will obviously increase the export sales of Chinese passenger cars tires, ease the pressure of domestic sales.

Before, because the United States on the Huaka bus tires "double reverse" effect, many export tire companies have stopped exporting. Today, these companies have to return to life.

In summary, the policy, export and aftermarket, these three aspects of good news enough to pull the 2017 Chinese passenger car tire sales.