Chinese tires are the cheapest

2017-04-25 08:39:34 admin 36

US-China semi-steel tire "double reverse" after its North American market exports fell. Later, the passenger car tires "double reverse" to cancel, export orders will not be affected. Middle East market is not the best choice for tire exporters, because the export risk is greater, the arrears and the credibility of the poor, in addition, the local importers will be very low tire prices. China's tire products in foreign markets is usually the cheapest, about 50% lower than the high-end brands. Pre-tires prices, the difference between the two narrowed to 20% up and down.

The market is still open space

Europe and the United States is a mature market, South America is an emerging market for exporters, many exporters have not yet entered. In South America, the Brazilian market is the largest. Although Brazil is also China's steel and semi-steel tire for anti-dumping, but the country's domestic tire supply is insufficient, and compared to national tires to see, even if the anti-dumping duties of Chinese tires, the price is still lower than the United States.As a result, Brazil is still inclined to import tire products from China. Foreign large dealers usually in the 2-3 months of inventory, small dealers in the inventory of about 1 month. The reason why foreign dealers inventory days than the domestic high, mainly shipping cycle and other factors. From the situation in March, foreign dealers are not out of stock, due to the recent decline in raw material prices, foreign dealers in March and April in a wait-and-see state, make up the library is not high enthusiasm. As the domestic factory inventory pressure, is expected to follow-up tire manufacturers will take promotional means to stimulate export demand.