Brazil's anti-dumping on passenger tires from China is about to be reviewed

2018-07-26 13:32:39 94

Brazil's first sunset review tax rate for anti-dumping of Chinese passenger car tires will expire on July 29, 2018.

It is expected that the Brazilian authorities will launch a second sunset review before the expiration on July 29.

Brazil’s second sunset review of the products involved is expected to last for one year, and in July 2019 a final ruling will be held to terminate the investigation or continue to impose tariffs.

Before the final review of the second review, the tax rate for the first review will continue.

As one of the BRICS countries, Brazil has a huge tire market. However, its anti-dumping investigations on Chinese tires have continued for many years and involve a wide range of products. This has set a high trade barrier for the Chinese tire export to the local market.

Brazil’s anti-dumping against Chinese passenger car tires began in 2008.

In addition to passenger car tires, Brazil has also initiated anti-dumping against Chinese truck tires, agricultural tires, and tire raw materials such as white carbon black, and imposed high tariffs.