Colombia terminates anti-dumping against Chinese tires

2018-07-26 13:36:28 21

Colombia’s anti-dumping measures against Chinese tire products in 2013 were officially terminated on June 13 this year.

On June 8, the Colombian investigation authority announced that it would not initiate a five-year review of tire products originating in China.

This means that in the future export activities to Colombia, Chinese tires can enjoy normal tariffs.

 On June 12, 2013, the Colombian Ministry of Trade and Industry decided to anti-dumping radial and conventional tires for buses or freight vehicles originating in China.

According to the final ruling, the Colombian party does not impose anti-dumping duties on conventional tires with a tax number of 4011.20.90.00, and imposes anti-dumping duties on radial tires with a tax number of 4011.20.10.00.

The tax collection method is: set the base price to 5.37 US dollars per kilogram, when the customs declaration FOB price is lower than the base price, the tax amount is the difference between the two.