US waste tire inventory decreased by 94%

2018-07-26 13:38:10 22

On July 18, the American Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) released the 2017 US Waste Tire Report

This report covers the recycling of US tires in 2017, the amount of inventory, and the status of waste tire management in the US states.

The data shows that in 1991, the recovery rate of used tires in the United States was one tenth.

By 2017, more than 81% of used tires have been recycled, and after recycling, they are mainly made into auxiliary fuels and rubber-modified asphalt.

Among them, 43% of used tires are processed into auxiliary fuels, which are the most used; rubber-modified asphalt products are also the main recycling route, and last year they consumed more than 7 million used tires.

The report also pointed out that in 1991, the inventory of used tires in the United States was 1 billion, and by 2017 it had dropped to 60 million, a drop of 94%.

In addition, 37 states in the United States have imposed new tire recycling fees for the management of used tires; 30 states have carried out waste tire cleaning projects, and 23 of them are in operation.

According to reports, auxiliary fuel and rubber modified asphalt is a key area for waste tire recycling, which is also the focus of USTMA waste tire management.