North American largest tire distributor layoffs restructuring

2018-07-27 07:03:51 17

On July 26, according to foreign media, US tire distributor company ATD is restructuring its field support center (FSC) department and reducing employees.

At the same time, ATD plans to increase tire marketing specialists to support subsequent business development.

At present, it is unclear how many positions have been laid off and it is not clear when layoffs will take effect.

A spokesperson for the company said that restructuring and layoffs were carefully considered.

ATD President and CEO Stuart Schuette hinted that there will be more moves next.

It is reported that the tire distributor will assign two senior team members to focus on developing franchise to quickly acquire new franchisees.

According to Tire World Network, this major change is closely related to being “abandoned” by several major tire manufacturers.

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Previously, Bridgestone and Goodyear announced the establishment of a tire distribution joint venture and ceased business cooperation with ATD.

In January of this year, Michelin worked with Sumitomo to integrate Michelin tires' distribution business in North America with TBC's wholesale assets. The new company they founded has already started operations.

At present, ATD is still selling Michelin tires, but how the future is still unclear.

In view of this, the US rating company Moody's is pessimistic about the future prospects of ATD.

ATD is the largest replacement tire distributor in North America with more than 140 distribution centers in the US and Canada.