Indonesian tires benefit from US and European anti-dumping against China

2018-07-30 20:29:25 32

As the US and EU anti-dumping investigations on Chinese tires intensified, Indonesian tires began to take the opportunity to expand the US and European markets.

A few days ago, Indonesian Elephant Tire Company set a sales target for this year: a 10% increase.

A manager of the company said that the tire market in the United States and Europe is huge, and the United States has benefited from anti-dumping against Chinese tires.

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Next, Europe plans to impose high punitive tariffs on Chinese truck and bus tires. As China-US trade frictions intensify, Southeast Asian tires are facing unprecedented export opportunities.

According to reports, the US market accounts for 70% to 80% of Indonesia's tire export share, and Europe only accounts for 4%.

Elephant tires hope that after the EU's anti-dumping duties against China, Indonesian tires will increase the number of exports to Europe.

It is reported that in addition to Europe and the United States, the company also explores emerging export markets such as Africa.

The person in charge of a foreign tire foreign trade enterprise told Tire World. As the US and European trade barriers rise, the price advantage of Chinese tires after tax increase has been lost, and the competitiveness of tire products in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe has increased.