US tire dealers smash goods to deal with trade friction

2018-10-19 07:01:57 24

Recently, the Texas Texas Trailer Tire Factory, based in Texas, was interviewed by CCTV.

It is reported that the factory was founded in 1985. It is an auto parts company that sells trailer tires and wheels. It sells more than 4 million tires annually.

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Tom Walker, general manager of the tire factory, said that at present, 90% of the tires and all the wheel products they sell are from China.

At the same time, the current trade friction between China and the United States has a great impact on the Texas Trailer Tire Factory.

In late September, the US government began to impose tariffs on 200 billion US dollars of Chinese exports to the United States, and tires and wheels were also among them.

This made Tom Walker somewhat overwhelmed.

He said: "In the United States (almost) there are no factories producing trailer tires, the only one has a very low output, and there is no wheel hub in the United States."

In Tom Walker's view, the industrial chains of China and the United States are highly complementary, and the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries can achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

It is understood that in order to deal with the trade friction between China and the United States at this stage, the Texas Trailer Tire Factory has chosen to stock up.

Before the 10% tariff was imposed, the factory urgently ordered tens of thousands of tires from China.

According to people familiar with the matter, this will allow the prices of the Texas Trailer Tire Factory to remain unchanged until the end of the year. At present, 10% of the tariff has been levied, but this factory is still urgently replenishing goods from China, hoping to reduce losses relatively.

Tom Walker’s daughter, Amanda Walker, said that their cooperative companies in China have been working late at night, hoping to deliver about 250,000 tires by January 1 next year.

She said: "Our Chinese factory will continue to work until November 30, the entire transportation process is about 17 days, time should be available." 250,000 tires can allow Texas Trailer tire factory to maintain prices until the end of May 2019.

When asked what to do next May, Amanda Walker said: "We don't know."