Forklift Fleet Maintenance

2019-06-14 08:05:31 13

A forklift repair company is only as good as its maintenance plan. Our preventative maintenance inspections cover every inch of your equipment to ensure that you are “in the know” when concerning your forklifts. Knowing the details about your fleet allow you to better plan your maintenance costs as well as prevent unnecessary down-time. 

Lift Technology service techs communicate the issues pertaining to your unit and assist in creating an action plan to start tackling repairs. 

work on electric, propane, diesel, and gasoline forklifts as well as boom lifts, scissor lifts, overhead doors, and dock levelers. We only supply proper tires for different equipments.

Warehouse & More.

Over time, our customer’s have requested that we help them out with tasks that, at the time were not provided by our company. As any customer-centric business would do; we found a way to meet their needs. 

Jump to 2019. Our company produce much higher quality and lines tires for any type of forklift, as well as dock levelers, overhead doors, boom lifts, scissor lifts, wire feeding machines, racking, conveyors & more.

We’re here to meet your needs, not matter how “different” your request may be.