Right tire for your equipment

2019-06-14 08:16:19 17


Choosing the right tire for your equipment is critical to the handling and safety of your forklift.  Many forklifts are designed for specific applications, as such, the manufacturer specifies the best tire type and size for the job.  Global excel Tyres Co.,ltd provides the following types of tires;

Solid Cushion

Our cushion tires are made of smooth, solid, natural rubber and are adhered around a metal rim band. Since forklifts don’t have suspension systems, this tire “cushions” the vehicle for a smoother ride which benefits the driver and the load. Cushion tires are best for smooth surface applications, primarily indoors or on loading docks. These tires are designed for a smaller turning radius, making them ideal for manufacturing facilities that have less space than a warehouse.

Solid Pneumatic

Our solid pneumatic tires (a.k.a resilient tires) are a natural rubber formulation and offer high performance and versatility.  These tires, which look similar to a traditional air filled tire, provide strong grip on uneven surfaces and rough outdoor terrain but can also be used indoors. Solid Pneumatics are made of solid rubber and are puncture proof vs. Pneumatics Air tires.

Polyurethane Solids

Polyurethane tires “polys” are a lightweight, indoor-only option that provides good traction with low rolling resistance. Polys, adhered around a metal rim band like a solid cushion tire, are most often found on electric forklifts as they can carry the additional weight of the battery and the workload.  Polys have a higher durometer rating (80+) than rubber (65) to support a heavier workload, but offers a harder ride.  We offer polys with rating from 83 (soft) to 95 (heavy load bearing)

Foam Filled

Some pneumatic air tires can be filled with a polyurethane foam, in place of air, to harden (cure) and create a more “puncture proof” tire.  This type of tire is best used in outdoor applications where flats are a problem.  A foam filled tire, which takes between 24-48 hours to cure, will last as long as the rubber casing remains good.

Pneumatic Air

Pneumatic air tires work well outdoors on asphalt, in gravel and in yards, but they can be punctured.  Pneumatic air tires will provide a softer ride than the solids so consideration to the lift’s workload and terrain should be considered before making your buying decision.