"Dual" hit Chinese tire industry

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Although just "special safeguard" haze out soon, Chinese tire export business trade barriers because a new round of US "double reverse" investigation constantly heightening. 
There are an authoritative source, the US Department of Commerce drawn mandatory respondent Shandong Yongsheng Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Win"), was submitted to the October 7 exit to the US "double reverse" investigation request. The next day, namely the United States to make adjustments on both lists, add Sailun International Tire Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "race wheels") as the anti-dumping mandatory respondent companies, additions Cooper Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cooper Chengshan ") for countervailing mandatory respondent companies. 
The event from June 3, at the United Steelworkers (USW) to apply, the US passenger car and light truck tires in China initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, involving more than $ 3 billion. 
During the above exposition, respect China Rubber Industry Association revealed that 40 percent have exported to China tire production, of which 50% of the destinations are the European Union and the United States. A corporate spokesman told reporters that the United States and China tire "double reverse" investigation has entered a critical stage, now pay close attention to whether the EU will follow up on Chinese tires, "double reverse." 
However, these authorities also believe that the US "double reverse" in suppressing an increase in Chinese tire promote new capacity, for the overcapacity of the industry is concerned, it would have an opportunity to adjust. 
Shandong Yongsheng exit the US "double reverse" investigation 
June 3, 2014, the United States launched the "special protection" enhanced version. In USW application, the US passenger car and light truck tires in China launched anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, is expected to reach 60 percent tariff. 
There tire company sources, 60% of this threshold should be relatively the same brand American price, and then follow a certain percentage points higher than other brands and approved data. 
Qingdao A tire trade enterprises say, "Once baked double reverse ruling, the US distributor is money, and for most of the domestic tire companies, is simply terrible." 
July, in an interview with local media to accept Shandong, Shandong Import and Export Manager Insein Song admitted that "once ruled the tax rate over 40% exported to the US will close the door." 
October 15 morning, the China Rubber Industry Association Vice Chairman and General Xu Ying at the First China (Qingdao) Rubber Industry Fair revealed that on October 7, was evacuated in Shandong Yongsheng had submitted to the US exit "double reverse "the application, exit the specific reasons unknown. The afternoon of October 16, in the "Daily Economic News" reporter, Shandong Yongsheng quarters in order to "do not know" answer, but the person said, "double reverse" investigation will have a significant impact on business. 
Xu Ying said, October 8, the US that is added to the tournament round as anti-dumping mandatory respondent companies, additions Cooper Chengshan for countervailing mandatory respondent companies. 
As the largest country in the global car ownership, 50 percent of US imports of tires from, but also the most important overseas market for Chinese tires, tire imports exports accounted for about one-third of China's total tire. According to US customs statistics, China involved in the 2013 tire exports to the US amounted to $ 2.078 billion annuity, the first quarter of this year, exports of $ 510 million. 
However, due to the Sino-US customs tariff, the Chinese Customs statistics show that in 2013, China's tire exports to the US involved the amount of $ 3.34 billion of products, more than 1,000 companies involved. 
A Shandong tire companies have told reporters that China's tire industry suffered in trade remedy measures, the duration of which will be the largest amount of time, than the case when the "special safeguard" longer. 
In a trade credit guarantees view, the US "double reverse" investigation is conduction, followed by the European Union, Japan, India, Australia are likely to follow up, could be a chain reaction. 
Continuous "dual" hit Chinese tire industry 
Latest news shows, US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration has postponed the preliminary determination of anti-dumping investigations on Chinese tires. Determine the new deadline for January 20, 2015, the original deadline for the December 1, 2014. According to Xu Ying said, countervailing and anti-dumping tax time node has been postponed to November this year were back again on 21 and 2015 of January 20. 
Since June, the "double reverse" event continues to heat up, the industry even predicted: "Two months later, Chinese tires will basically exit from the US market." Public information, in 2009 during the US "safeguard", Chinese tire exports to the US amount involved was decreased by more than 60 percent, while exports to the US fell more than half of the overall tire. 
Foregoing warranty analysis, the global economy is not a good situation, many countries would ask the Chinese market more open, and to protect local businesses, restrictions on Chinese companies to export more to their country. 
In fact, from 2009 to 2011 the United States for three consecutive years on Chinese tires implementation of the "special protection" restrictive policies, while Chinese tire exports also faced a number of trade protection measures to restrict from Europe, India, Brazil and other places. 
It is worth noting that in the United States in June 2014 once again resorted to "double reverse" stick after the September 10, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union to follow the US imports from China trucks, buses, trolley buses and trailers tire anti-dumping investigation, involving reached $ 400 million. 
In this regard, said Shandong tire companies who told reporters, "This is not a good sign, continuous double against Chinese tires is a very big blow." 
Statistics show that China is known as "the world's tire factory" in the title, the world's 75 largest tire manufacturers in 26 Chinese companies on the list, accounting for 12 Shandong, where exports amounting to $ 1 billion in there seven. 
Xu Ying also think that now pay close attention to the European Union, is not it will follow up, if the EU is also a "dual" in the domestic overcapacity pressures, domestic tire industry will be very troublesome. 
US "double reverse" Forced integration capacity 
Qingdao International Rubber market a business person said that if a few years ago "special safeguard" to levy tariffs of up to 35% can be digested, then this time 60% ​​of the tariff would be a fatal blow. 
A Qingdao Foreign Trade Enterprise said that China's tire industry due to the higher value-added levy special protection during international market rates are digested. "Now the fear is that the tax rate is too high, has been higher than domestic enterprises and foreign customers the ability to digest, worried that the US market for Chinese enterprises since shut down." 
In the tire business, a sales manager Sailun opinion, after the end of 2009 to the 2011 case of special protection, domestic tire export business after two years of normal exports, tire business has developed rapidly. 
I understand that the Chinese tire products in 2012, in 2013 the export tariff is only around 5%. According to US statistics, the total Chinese exports to the US in 2013 was about $ 2.1 billion related products, 2012 totaling approximately $ 1.27 billion. 
However, industry sources told reporters that the past two years, Chinese tire industry tire exports to the US surge, which is the United States set off the "double reverse" for a reason. 
Market sources said the deal, the United States believes that China's tire industry disorderly investment on Native American tire manufacturing has caused damage. 
The rubber-Valley Group believes that, from another perspective, the Chinese tire industry in recent years was mixed, some local disorderly build tire plant, causing domestic overcapacity. In tire manufacturing province of Shandong Province as an example, as of the end of 2013, a total of 287 tire manufacturers, but mostly for small businesses, small size, low profitability, weak ability to withstand market risks. In addition, the face of already existing overcapacity contradictions still have new capacity continue to be launched. In a senior industry view, this part of the new capacity will be the US "double reverse" the greatest of those affected. 
In Xu Ying, the US "double reverse" are not necessarily a bad thing, because the United States double reverse, although only involves $ 3 billion in exports of tires, but inhibits the new capacity increase Chinese tires. 
Xu Ying think, you can slowly phase out backward production capacity surplus through market competition, by industry reshuffle, enhance industry competitiveness, excellent large companies will survive.