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2015-04-06 08:56:39 admin 25

According to foreign Ndischen media on April 1 news, the United States Department of Commerce, to move the Chinese passenger car tires for the service time clearing the final decision. The final decision is scheduled for April 6 hours.
US Department of Commerce spokesman, said the International Trade Administration, the agency announced June 12 compensation final results, this date is the date of the final decision of the anti-dumping.
The spokesman said the US Department of Commerce was at the request of the parties in the decision.
June 2014, the United Steelworkers (USW) at the US International Trade Commission (ITC) apply to imports from China of car tires and light truck countervailing and anti-dumping investigations.
US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration 24 November 2014 and 21 January 2015 respectively from the countervailing and anti-dumping prov Ufigen results.
Although both rates were ge changed, Compared with the first results ver Ffentlicht both the reduction, but if the US Department of Commerce on June 12, found the presence of Chinese tire subsidies and dumping, when in the United States International Trade Commission, presented the following final decision.

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