The global tire industry annual growth 4.5%

2015-04-17 06:44:17 admin 55
RnRMarketResearch recently released market research firm predicted tire industry research report reveals the 2019 global market size rubber tires. Global rubber tire industry is expected in the next few years will reach an annual increase of 4.5%.
Currently, the car with the new pneumatic rubber tire rubber tires dominant market, accounting for 45.4 percent of global demand, and the rest of the market is divided into trucks and buses with new pneumatic rubber tires (32.6%), with the new inflatable rubber motorcycle Tire (1.6%), with a new bike inflatable rubber tires (1.2%), aircraft pneumatic rubber tires with the new (0.5%) (14.5%) Other new pneumatic rubber tires, retread rubber tires (0.5%), renovation Rubber tire hump bar (0.1%), cushion and solid rubber tires (1.5%), automotive rubber tires (0.7%), rubber bicycle inner tubes (0.6%), other rubber tubes (0.7%).
China, Germany, India, Indonesia and the United States on behalf of the largest rubber tire market, and the most robust growth is expected to occur in Senegal (32.0%), Morocco (14.6%), Bolivia (13.0%), the United States (10.9%) and Jordan (9.4%).
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