Chinese tire companies how to overcome difficulties in 2016

2015-12-13 08:29:27 admin 90
Less than 30 days left in the period, going away from us in 2015, this year, most of the Chinese tire companies are taking a more difficult, some companies is fixed at a point in time in which to become a history.
This year is undoubtedly the tire industry, "winter", winter is certainly not good! ? All warm lukewarm alive, but also how what? Tire industry needs a winter, then in order to have beautiful spring. "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" This sentence applies only to those who never give up, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, is subjected to the throes of reform got business.
2015, Chinese enterprises have to face national tire tire relative excess capacity, low-end product homogeneity serious situation, but also to withstand the slowdown in the world economic development, the domestic economic development has entered a new normal, foreign technical and trade barriers and international test market "Chinese tires equal low" stereotypes.
Some enterprises in order to survive the price war, no minimum, only lower, "a mouse droppings bad pot of soup" to accelerate the deterioration degree of the market.
According to the China Rubber Industry Association Tire branch of statistics, the first three quarters, steel tire tire industry operating rate of about 65%, semi-steel tire about 67%, sales revenue and profit were down 13.54% and 34.82%. Shandong wide 饶继德 rainbow after bankruptcy, it was rumored that some companies have cash flow difficulties, we can not deliver the rumors.
Faced with such difficulties, the tire business in 2016 should go from here?
From the year 2015 top 75 global tire point of view, living in the top five of corporate sales reached 86.936 billion US dollars, accounting for 48% of the world total tire sales. These companies are an internationally renowned brand, its technology and ideas has been leading the industry.
Therefore, innovation is still an important factor to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Chinese tire enterprises should focus on innovation, innovation eradication through homogenization, get rid of low-end, firmly take different development path. Application of pattern design, formulation adjustment, structural design and other aspects of new technologies, experiment with new materials, and product innovation.
The single enterprises, especially private enterprises in technology and R & D investment aspects reserve deficiencies, and therefore form a joint or coalition or a few enterprises will become the first choice, corporate mergers and acquisitions, large-scale development will become a new trend.
Enterprises in order to maintain long-term vitality, they must establish their own brand image, and through continuous enhance brand value, improve product visibility and competitiveness of enterprises. At present, most Chinese tire enterprises have different OEM business phenomenon, for their own brand development is not enough emphasis.
In the early days of enterprise development, manufacturing can quickly pull production capacity, reduce production costs, but with the growing strength of enterprises, should be gradually reduced foundry capacity, the development of self-owned brand, the only way to better corporate heritage, so that enterprises do not controlled by others, not because of the OEM business cooperation termination leading companies find themselves in financial difficulties.
His is the only nation, then is the world.
Green has become the mainstream of the development of the tire industry. National environmental governance has intensified, tire companies should not only pay attention to energy conservation in the manufacturing process, but also to focus on the application of environmentally friendly materials.
the Internet
With the development of information technology and the Internet industry, "Internet +" thinking more and more attention. In the tire industry, the operation of e-commerce platform, the mobile phone APP application, all the traditional sales model to enable enterprises to change, the role of the regional agency has been seriously weakened, prices more transparent.
Therefore, enterprises should change the past, sales model, or with multiple sales models coexist way to balance the relationship between enterprises, distributors and terminal, expand sales channels, increase market share.
With Industry 4.0, made in China 2025 and other new concepts, manufacturing of digital, networked, intelligent process will continue to accelerate. Tire industry production during the execution of the use of management systems, intelligent three-dimensional storage system, operating the robot,
The tire production automation and intelligence increasingly high, reducing the quality of man-made causes, more stable product quality, reduce production costs, product competitiveness increases.
Therefore, intelligence will become the future direction of development.