Chinese Tyres Market Situation

2012-11-23 21:20:42 admin 27


Currently China has a total about  360 tyres companies ,the middle and small  reached more than 290  , about 65% of their products are concentrated in the low-end , at the lower end of the value chain of the industry in the domestic and international markets their main competition way are base on low tyres prices . China's tire industry is currently low barriers to enter into , serious excess capacity , disorderly competition " wilderness " period . World famouse tyres producers come to China begin produce low cost tyres  , Chinese tire enterprises faced with no small survival and development crisis. And export to  foreign markets, Chinese tire enterprises are not optimistic .in fact , the Chinese tire industry in the past eight years has been suffering from anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard investigations from nearly 10 countries in the past 20 cases .  With the internal and external problems , how to make enterprises develop and survive , The tires CEOS think It every night .


The first is strategic. Accord to Own actual situation , make the proper Internationalization strategy, when a tires companies facing a crisis.


Second is market  layout. Chinese tire originally mainly focused on the United States, through continuous development and explore new market, in both developed and emerging developing countries . avoid risk that Excessive concentration of a particular market .