F1 tire sponsor how to profit

2015-11-04 07:06:16 admin 21
F1 tire sponsors are hit every year a lot of money in the game, it might even provoke one notorious. While data on the F1 track is calculated as the 2004 season Bridgestone and Michelin, Bridgestone invested $ 29 million, Michelin has invested more than 2800 million US dollars heavily, these funds would be wasted? They benefit by what means?
Sponsor is not an idiot, first of all they are businessmen, had driven them how unprofitable.
Become F1 tire sponsor has three advantages.
First, enhance brand awareness and increase sales.
According to statistics, since 1997 Bridgestone F1 until 2004 to join its tire sales in Europe increased from the original 13% to 34%, an increase of 21 percent in 2004, $ 29 million investment, so it is not something a.
As F1 tire sponsor, you can enhance brand awareness, increase sales, are alone.
Second, the reserve technology.
As a sponsor of F1 tires for the team tire performance requirements, continuous improvement of tire technology, sponsors will facilitate technology to civilian tires. For example, run-flat tires and ultra-quiet, are sponsors to participate in the return of the F1 race. Pirelli P Zero Silver soared high performance tires, is the sponsor of the product as the F1 tire accumulation of technological development.
Third, cultivate potential supporter (fan).
Although in recent years some of the cold F1 race in China, but the sport in other parts of the world is still the most popular motor sport, with hundreds of millions of viewers, which means that there is likely to F1 tire sponsor culture of millions of supporters.
This could be the big brother thing now Michelin tire most wanted. Because Pirelli prolonged stay on the F1 track, sporty Pirelli tire most undoubtedly thought has gained. Michelin wanted to break the fixed thinking back on the F1 track is the best way.