Five usage of waste tires

2016-02-05 07:31:59 admin 47
Currently, the global waste tire recycling main methods are: renovation of old tires (China 10%, US 60%, Europe 30% or more), direct combustion (use as fuel, is the main way to take advantage of American and European countries), high-temperature pyrolysis (domestic fewer applications handled outside), prepared reclaimed rubber (the world more than 500 million tons, 370 million tons of China), the preparation of powder (applied directly to more than 50 million tons).
In Europe, 40 per cent of waste tires for energy use, 38% for raw materials, 9% and 9% for the renovation of exports. As scrap tires have about 80% of raw materials for the production of rubber, rubber powder, a small amount of production of renewable plastic. Particles, powder mainly used for artificial turf sports venues laying modified asphalt.
In the US, 90% of scrap tires are reused. They encourage the use of retreaded tires, allowing civil aircraft, trucks, school buses, industrial, agricultural machinery use of retreaded tires. The main waste tire rubber powder production and use of thermal energy. Waste tire rubber powder used for preparing the stadium and playground laying modified asphalt.
In Japan, in 2013 it produced a total of 97 million discarded tires, paper mills and steel mills mainly use thermal energy. In 2012, for recycling waste tires and rubber powder production accounted for 15%.
World application of waste tire rubber modified asphalt proportion, 30% of the United States, South Africa 90%, India 50%, Europe 40%, Japan 50%, China is only 10%.