Nigeria to revive the production of natural rubber

2016-02-05 07:17:56 admin 67
Recently, the rubber industry in Nigeria, called on the Government to re-emphasis on the revitalization of the development of the rubber industry.
It is reported that palm oil, peanuts, natural rubber was Nigeria's three most famous export crops. Today, the rubber is still following the oil, fur, cocoa after the country's fourth largest foreign currency earner.
However, due to the aging of rubber trees, newly planted trees do not follow up, production of natural rubber in Nigeria declining production capacity has dropped to 130,000 tons from the previous 60,000 -6.5 million tons.
In addition, by second-hand tires, tires smuggled imports impact, as well as high cost of electricity and other commercial impact of environmental degradation, 2007, 2008, in Nigeria and DUNLOP tires Michelin plants have been shut down.
This led to a substantial decline in Nigeria's domestic demand for rubber, rubber growers also affect the enthusiasm.
However, according to the International Rubber Organization (IRSG) Statistics forecasts that the world's natural rubber supply and demand gap of nearly 110 million tons. Nigeria to increase rubber planting and processing, will be promising.