Tire Storage Precautions

2015-11-06 06:55:09 admin 22
Tire or set of tires should stand up, non-flat, stacked goods mandrel suspension.
1, the tire should be stored in the warehouse, bank to keep dry, ventilated, avoid exposure reported.
2, the tires should be kept away from heat, ozone generation equipment and production locations. Not with oil, then was easy to mix and corrosive chemicals.
3, tire or set of tires should stand up, non-flat, stacked goods mandrel suspension. Large tire only allowed single stand up, medium and small tires allow double stand up. Rotate it once every two months.
4. To separate storage tube should be filled with the right amount of air. When hung on a semicircular wooden, should be regularly pivot point can not be folded flat or stacked.
5, tire store should stock card, record the tire type, size, level, label, production and storage time, and press timespan batch production and storage, FIFO, sequential use.
6. The shipment of tires, not with oil, flammable, corrosive chemicals and other mixed and covered with a tarpaulin, avoid sunlight or rain. Haul must establish placement. The tube can not be individually packaged, it is necessary in the tire, and the right amount of inflated.
7, tubeless tire handling (1) Packaging state tire bead off the protective tape can not strip when crane handling. (2) Remove the tire during storage and transportation process, should be kept vertical position, the level may not be stored. (3) Not available with ropes, hooks or directly to the RTG crane fork lift, use wide fiber band. Not use forks inserted (4) forklift tire bead center hole upgrade, the application from the tire side fork lift.