china industrial Tires Guarantee

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Quality Guarantee

一、 during the normal use, if due to product quality relationship our solid tires occur such situations: abnormal wear, unglued, pattern block off, the status quo can not be restored after the compressive deformation phenomena, our company will be responsible for the subsequent use until the warranty period.

二、working time of our solid tires, there are two kinds of circumstances: on flat cement road and on inclement road.     

The first circumstance: on flat cement road

  Below 2T: front wheels work 1600 hours, rear wheels work 1100 hours.    

  Between 2T and 5T: front wheels work 2000 hours, rear wheels work 1800 hours.

  Above 5T: front wheels work 3000 hours, rear wheels work 2200 hours.

 The second circumstance: on inclement road. The working time of our solid tires on inclement road is eighty percent of the working time on flat cement road.

三、 liability claims about our solid tires.

When our products appear quality problem, we will according to the circumstances. On the one hand, the tire tread wear pattern does not exceed 1/3, we give full compensation; on the other hand, the tire tread wear pattern more than the total 1/3,

according to the specific situation ,we will have the right to give or refuse to give half-price compensation. 

      四、 if there have the following circumstances, the company is irresponsible.

1Due to improper use, such as: impact, cuts, tread chewing, scratching and other similar situations.

2Due to the poor quality, specification discrepancies or improper assembly of customer's own steel rims, resulting in the phenomenon of empty slip by.

3The device does not match the machine specifications and beyond the product maximum pressure, resulting in impaired tires.

4External and irresistible factors such as fire, resulting in impaired tires.

5Special occasion operations, such as: alcohol, oil, chemicals, high temperature environment, without the use of special products of our company.

6Other factors that unrelated the quality of our products.

Note: 1Flat cement road refers that the road of the forklift use is relatively flat on the whole and better quality.

2Inclement road refers that the road of the forklift is serious uneven on the whole and rough quality. global excel tyres co,ltd