china tires next main market

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As the US market setback, Chinese tires have flocked currently no EU anti-dumping, causing the market price war played very intense, the meager profits of many companies. Relevant experts have warned, suggesting that the move could lead to the risk of anti-dumping.
US market to die, South America is also anti-dumping, the EU not to make money, Chinese tire where else to go? A new automotive research report shows that Africa's demand for tires is at an unprecedented growth, there will probably become China's tire exports to the "New World."
How big African market
The report from HIS company said, Africa is ushering in car period of unprecedented growth, expected in the next 10-20 years, demand for cars African market will double. Here it is one of the fastest growing local middle class, which will be the global automotive market have a positive impact.
The study shows that Africa needs new tires for light vehicles (Load no more than 6 tons) from 2012 and has already lasted more than 1.6 million / year. It is predicted that the market demand for light tires will increase in 2027 to 2.7 million / year.
The South African government 已把 automobile industry as an important pillar of stimulating economic growth and the introduction of relevant policies to support enterprise localization, the goal is that by 2020, the country's auto output increased to 1.2 million. Meanwhile, the northern part of the government through the development of Africa is also the country's automobile industry to increase employment and promote economic growth.
Meanwhile, in order to improve vehicle safety, strengthen environmental protection, most African countries in recent years introduced policies to strictly limit can not pass safety testing and environmental standards used car imports. This facilitates the construction of various car companies have factories in Africa, there are more than a dozen world car production car factories in South Africa, Chinese auto companies have stepped up the pace of market development in Africa.
These are stimulating demand for African tire industry has created market conditions. International Tire Exhibition held in South Africa, attracting China, South Africa, India, Germany and other countries exhibiting companies participate in the exhibition of Chinese enterprises grow exponentially.
What Africa needs tires
According to IHS senior researcher Walt Madeira said that, minibuses, only two countries in the African region is expected to maintain until 2027 the average annual double-digit growth, namely South Africa and Algeria, light vehicle growth in other countries is far less than the amount These two countries. It is estimated that by 2027, car sales in these two countries are likely to more than 500,000 / year.
However, this year the African auto market sprang two dark horse: Nigeria and Angola. According to professionals predict that by 2027, car sales in Nigeria will reach 260,000 / year. Madeira believe that the country's rapid growth in other cars, car sales in South Africa the proportion of the entire region, and can gradually from 40 per cent in 2011 to 32% in 2027.
According to the analysis, in the medium / heavy trucks and buses, the difference between the various parts of Africa is not, but a new car with a bright future in Kenya, which is moving into one of the three major markets in Africa. IHS Global Director Andrej Divis said, to 2027, Kenya is expected on the basis of car sales in 2012, the increase of 4 times, will work with Algeria, South Africa together, before becoming Africa car sales in the three regions.
In South Africa, radiation throughout Africa
A veteran foreign trade body said the tire World Network, South Africa is a bridgehead across the African market, customs union relationship exists with other African countries, once the products into South Africa, Chinese companies will be able to open the African market as a springboard. Here is the Chinese tire enterprises to explore the African market the best starting point.
Previously, there have been a number of Chinese tire enterprises optimistic about the South African market. In addition to participating in exhibitions outside of the tire, some tire companies in setting up offices or trading companies, some important efforts to develop local dealers, we all hope that through this market will tire products radiation to the whole of Africa.
Based in South Africa, Africa radiation, which is a lot automobile business development strategy. It is understood that 26 African countries have jointly set up a "triple FTA" (TFTA), the trade is expected to start running in 2017 after the formal. The ultimate goal of this trade is to promote the flow of goods zero tariff in its member countries, then, the cars produced in South Africa is expected to zero-tariff access to the other 25 member states. Automobile and tire companies in China, it may be the next temptation of market opportunities.