• Forklift Parts & Tires All Makes & Models

    Our tires exporting department can deliver forklift tires from China  to your country or your warehouse . As a tires manufacturer/factory/producer ,  we produce most forklift tires for every

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  • How to Know When to Replace Your Forklift Tires

    Forklifts are the backbone of any warehouse and their safety is paramount to your drivers and employees. There are several ways to ensure the your forklifts are in proper working order and while regul

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  • Solid Press-on tires

    Having the right tire for the application is everything  when it comes to industrial tires. Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd has been specializing in industrial tires since 2009.  We service all&n

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    INDUSTRIAL TIRESLooking for high quality industrial tires? Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd  is happy to supply customers in QINGDAO, China  with strong, brand-name industrial tires for use on an

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  • Forklift Tires

    Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd features quality forklift friendway brand tires , with factory located at shandoing , china,  producing high quality industrial tires for a wide variety of applications

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    Solid Pneumatic Forklift tires may be better called “Pneumatic-Shaped Solid Tires.” They come in all the same sizes as the pneumatic tires except that they are solid. Solid pneumatics as with all tire

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