4 factors consider when you shop new car tyres

new car tyres
205x55R16 tires

For all car drivers , there will come a point where you need to shop your new car tyres . The lawful least track profundity your tires can have is 1.6mm, however it is suggested that you consider supplanting your tires before this to guarantee your vehicle is protected to drive on the streets, with reliably great hold and control.

To help you when looking for your new car tyres , we’ve recorded a couple of top contemplations in this article.


While getting a decent arrangement for your financial plan is significant, recall that when purchasing tires, it doesn’t generally pay to go for the deal bargain. Putting resources into a great tires will permit you to see gigantic advantages out and about, with expanded control, grasp and foothold, just as dependable and more solid tires.

Go to an authorize tire distributor for some legitimate data on the best car tyres to suit your pruchase plan .


Think about what sort of driving you do, and regardless of whether you need your tyres to mirror this. For instance, do you require expert execution tires to ensure better treatment of your vehicle, part worn tires for a more spending amicable choice, or would you rather put resources into some colder time of eage tyres on the off chance that you live in an especially frigid region?

Current tyres

On the off chance that you like how your vehicle handles with your present tires, basically supplanting them with precisely the same brand and make could be the best answer for you. Your tires would have been picked by the producer to feature your vehicle’s best driving resources, so picking similar arrangement of tires ensures great control and driving execution at a similar level you are now used to.

Who fits the new car tyres

While having your tyres totally supplanted, an expert tyre fitter is the most ideal approach to guarantee your vehicle stays ok for use out and about. We expertly fit tyres ourselves here at Auto Exhaust and Tyres, ensuring that your quality tires are gotten accurately to your vehicle.

Wear and tear

The quantity of hours out of each week you spend driving should influence your choice when looking for new car tyres . Somebody who ventures impressive miles in their vehicle ordinary (for example a more extended drive) ought to put resources into a preferable quality tire over somebody who simply utilizes their vehicle for a periodic task.

new car tyres

We highly esteem offering quality tyres and an expert tyre fitting help here at Auto Exhaust and Tyres, putting street wellbeing as our need in each work we do. We supply all kind of new car tyres with competive prices and quick shipment , everything being equal, and models, and assurance a fast tyres change so you can get back out and about as quickly as time permits.

For more data on the administrations we offer, or for additional concers regrading the new car tyres for your cars, go ahead and contact us today. We’re generally glad to give any further help you might require.

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