Best solid forklift tyres in china 6.00-9

solid forklift tyres

We produce top quality solid forklift tyres in north china at the best possible price. You can rest assured that we only deliver the best prices and solid forklift tyres when it required to your forklift and lift truck rental.

solid forklift tyres

Our tires produce contracts can be as short as two weeks , at most within one month is also possible – it depends on your order quantity and sizes requirements. We also make available a full range of the very best quality and leading forklift wheels for fit forklifts from 1.0 ton units through to 10 ton units.


We are able to supply a wide variety of high quality tyres and forklifts wheels for all types of common forklifts. Whatever sizes you require, Global excel tyres will be able to supply them to you at a market related price and in the shortest possible time.
Our experienced team of FORKLIFT TYRE EXPERTS are working hard at making sure that you have the correct Forklift Tyres for your workplace.

We can match you with the correct Solid Forklift Tyres and Pneumatic Forklift Tyres to make sure that your workplace will be safer and more productive.

For the best range of Forklift Tyres for every make and model forklift in North China . Contact us facebook and linkedin

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