Determine the depth of the solid tire pattern

According to relevant industry regulations, when solid tire pattern wear is less than 1.6mm, it must be resolved by replacing tires.
Use tread ruler: a tool for measuring the depth of solid tire treads, available in tire shops and repair shops. It can be developed to focus on objectivity and require accurate measurement of the design depth of solid tire treads.
Tread wear: There are raised stripes in the groove of the solid tire, which is a tire wear indicator. As long as the tire tread reaches this mark, it means that the solid tire needs to be replaced. This is a relatively simple and direct way.
Coin measurement: When there is no trace of wear, there is no measuring tool around. You can put a coin on it and put the root surface of the flower into the groove of the tread. If the tread can cover part of the chrysanthemum pattern, the old tire can continue to be used for a period of time; if the entire chrysanthemum pattern can be seen clearly, then This means that the solid tire needs to be replaced at this time.
If the solid tire is found to have bulges, tread cracks, tread rubber peeling, sidewall wear or other serious conditions, or the solid tire has been damaged by foreign bodies for many times, no matter how long it has been used, the distance is long It can be replaced for a long time, and it must be replaced in time at this time. Therefore, the solid tire at the time has been severely damaged, and it is easy to cause a flat tire if it continues to be used.

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