Different coaxial tire patterns affect driving safety

The reason why the coaxial tires require the same model, specification and pattern, the most important thing is to consider from the perspective of safe driving. The different patterns of the tires on both sides of the coaxial can bury hidden safety hazards and cause the friction coefficient and grip of the tires to be different. During emergency braking, it is easy to slip due to inconsistent braking.

Therefore, it is best to ensure the consistency of the coaxial tire pattern, as for non-coaxial tires, there is no such requirement.

If the two coaxial tires have different tread depths and are asymmetrical left and right, when driving, the tires on both sides will have inconsistent resistance, and the car will easily run off and cause different levels of tire wear.

Once there is too much difference in the degree of wear between the two tires, the drainage performance and grip performance of the tires will be severely reduced, which will affect safety.

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