do you know 19.5 x 24 backhoe tire ? Absolutely Lowest

the techinical information of the 19.5 x 24 backhoe tire

19.5×24 backhone tires 12PR Overall Overall Diameter (mm) 1314 section Overall Diameter(mm) 495 rim 17 load capacity 3455kgs inflate pressure with 230kpa

what is the popular bachoe tire sizes

the 19.5×24 backhoe tire are most popuarl orginal tires for backhoe A Backhoe—likewise got back to raise entertainer or entertainer—is a kind of unearthing hardware, or digger, comprising of a burrowing pail on the finish of a two-section enunciated arm. It is normally mounted on the rear of a farm hauler or front loader, the last shaping a “excavator loader” (a US expression, however known as a “JCB” in Ireland and the UK).[1] The segment of the arm nearest to the vehicle is known as the blast, while the segment that conveys the container is known as the scoop (or scoop stick), the two terms got from steam scoops. The blast is for the most part appended to the vehicle through a turn known as the lord post, which permits the arm to turn left and right, typically through an aggregate of 180 to 200 degrees.

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