do you know earthmover tires importance

Introduction to earthmover tires
earthmover tires are composed of four main parts: ply, bead, buffer layer, and tread. The performance of the tire basically depends on these four parts. earthmover tires are mainly supplied to steel and metal factories, container terminals, bridge machinery, mining machinery, forklifts and other supporting use.
The role of earthmover tires
(1) Withstand the quality of the car itself and the load, and maintain its running performance
(2) Buffer the shock and vibration received by the vehicle while maintaining the stability and smoothness of the vehicle.
(3) The entire tire is in reliable contact with the ground to improve the traction, passing and braking performance of the vehicle

Assembly instructions for earthmover tires:

  1. The tires must be assembled on the specified car models and rims. Special tools and instruments should be used to install and remove the tires. Hard prying and hard smashing are strictly prohibited.
  2. The same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, structure, pattern and level
  3. Bias tires and radial tires cannot be mixed.
  4. When assembling directional tread tires, the rotation direction signs of the tires should be consistent with the driving direction of the vehicle
  5. When construction machinery tires are installed in parallel, the outer diameter difference range of the twin tires should comply with relevant regulation

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