Neumáticos rentables de paleta cuádruple FR106 6.75-15

Nombre de la marca: FRIENDWAY / RUNMASTER
Type: Quad Paddle Tires
MOQ: Contenedor de 1x20 pies en total de tamaños mixtos
Tamaño: 6.75-15
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Quad Paddle Tires 6.75-15

Many back ATV sand tires have paddles for hold, and front ATV sand tires have a middle rib or smooth track. The oars in the back fill an important need, giving grasp and solidness to slice through free territory like sand, and even snow or residue. The front tires should give light yet exact guiding to explore through the sand without stalling out in it.

To hold your wheels back from turning, you’ll need to search for greatest buoyancy in a sand tire. Basically, tire buoyancy is by and large what it seems like ? your tire keeps steady over the sand, rather than soaking in. This varies from other ATV tires, for example, mud tires, that attention on cleanout (driving the mud away from the tires). Buoyancy makes the sand be pushed under the tire to assist it with keeping steady over the surface and give you most extreme hold. Clearly, buoyancy isn’t an idea that matters a lot of when riding out and about, or even on a hard-pack trail. Yet, with regards to sand, it can mean the distinction between flying over the hills and stalling out stuck (signal the miserable trombone). Greatest buoyancy will likewise help your sand tires run cooler, an unquestionable requirement when riding through the desert and keeping a more drawn out tire life.

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